Change & CSR

We all want to change something which we don’t like. If we have no power to change we get annoyed, frustrated and feel helpless. We keep advocating about the desired change. Many of us must have done this and experienced it.

If we learn from nature, no creature is complaining, no one wants to change anything, they enjoy the way things are. Humans are evolved species and has the ability to think. Humans are gifted with a powerful Mind, however the same Mind has destructive power too. It doesn’t allow you to rest, it keep thinking good, bad and ugly. One need to understand the power of Mind, which is through Meditation, then half the problems are solved.

Meditative Mind understand there is no need to CHANGE anything. In meditation miracle happens, as one DROP the MIND and for no reason one will feel happy and blissful. He has now tasted the PRESENT (the Gift) and dropped the PAST and the FUTURE. Meditative mind, knows living in present and enjoying every moment. When a person meditates, he gets connected to his inner being and all his talents starts functioning. He doesn’t want to change anything.

Now he has learnt that to CHANGE anything, he has to CHANGE, as the world is nothing but reflection of HIM. By changing self, one can change the World.

I relate this Meditative Mind with Corporate which takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as conduct of business responsibly. They do not need to do CSR as it will happen automatically. Being responsible for use of resources of society they will include Society and share value created with the Society. They believe that business flourish, if the Society is in well state.

They have to CHANGE to see the Change in the world. During this COVID-19 Pandemic, no business is doing good as Society is in bad state. If the Society will be in good state, the Business will be in good state. Complete transformation is required towards CSR and the same should not be mandated by law but it should just happen as part of the culture of business organization to share the value and inclusiveness.

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