25 Years Journey

It’s been 25 incredible years !! 25 long years ago I started my company law practice. The date was 20.09.1995. I was a young graduate with big dreams. I was blessed to have a supporting family. With this combination I knew I could fly high .

Back in the day very few people knew about the kind of service a company law graduate provides. It wasn’t all smooth sailing initially and it took me a while to get my first client. The journey thus began !!

I started off in a 100 Sq Foot windowless space in the attic with no help or assistance. With more work pouring in I needed assistance and interns. The Amita Desai & co family was growing.

Today we are a team with > 20 members working out of a suburban office in Mumbai. I am grateful to my ever trusting clients , my loyal staff members and my young energised interns without whom we would have not reached where we have.

Thank You

Team ASD

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