Corporate Restructuring

Business is activity of risk taking in every changing economy and hence many time it requires restructuring or reorganizing. The reasons could be legal, ownership, operational or other require to change the structures to make it more profitable, better organized or governed for its present needs and ever changing need of business. No structure can remain static and profitable. As the business grow the organic or inorganic growth is part of business process.

Restructuring need expertise and understanding of the whole gamut of process, culture, commercial, taxation and legal implications. Restructuring of business includes acquisition, de-merger, merger, amalgamation, re-arrangement, compromise, takeover of business, slump sale, investment, buy back of shares, reduction of capital, wind up or strike off of company and many more. All this Corporate Action requires multiple skills and entrepreneurial vision with legal mind.

Restructuring in India become complex due to multiple laws, regulators and none integration of reporting between various authorities and departments.

Our Expert Services includes:

  1. Understand the objective of client
  2. Strategizing the business
  3. Identify best option
  4. Designing new structure
  5. Cost benefit analysis
  6. Negotiations
  7. Communications
  8. Drafting of various agreements and the Scheme
  9. Valuation of Enterprises
  10. Implication of tax and stamp duty
  11. Handholding complete process (legal and commercial)
  12. Appearance before regulatory and judicial authorities to obtain approvals
  13. Post approval implementation process
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