Amita Desai & Company is leading Practicing Company Secretaries Firm providing quality Secretarial Compliance and Legal Services under one roof. We are a professionally managed firm with 25 years of experience in handling compliances of Corporates and Multinationals in the field of Corporate and allied Laws. Best quality services and operational excellence in the field has enabled us to emerge as a reliable and professional firm of Company Secretaries. The firm was set up in the year 1995 and today has a team of well qualified and trained staff led by Ms. Amita Desai

Our experience & rich background provides us with a strong footing in handling the processes of Companies of all sizes. Our team stays in sync with the demands of a rapidly changing global business market and has gained the expertise in handling various national and international assignments.

Work Culture in Office of Amita Desai

  1. To manage one’s time and follow best Time Management Practice (TMP) trained to you.
  2. To strengthen ability in listening, thinking & conveying thoughts to others
  3. To take leadership and onus to bring logical end to the assignment as if it is your own work
  4. To develop the logical approach to solving problems through communication and bring resolution
  5. To be consistent and focused in your approach to any matter , may be personal or professional life
  6. To not to hesitate in asking for help as we believe in TEAM WORK to delivery services in TIME
  7. To follow law of Universe and Nature— GIVE to GET— Be a provider and happy that you are chosen and blessed to be a provider
  8. To behave all the time in best way as science says what you do in private , you do in public too. Hence train your mind to be vigilant while working
  9. To co-ordinate, collaborate, coach & mentor your team and junior . Treat the organization as your family and look forward to come to work with passion
  10. To go deep into issues to be addressed, step in the shoes of client, understand what they want and how best you can meet their requirement in the most legal and legitimate way as per culture and protocol of the organization

Work Culture in Office of Amita Desai

Our working is deeply embedded in ethical practices and powered by our in depth knowledge of law and legal conventions. While we act on your behalf, we ensure that your organisation adheres to the letter and spirit of the law which helps you to maintain mechanisms to report unethical conduct and fosters a culture of honesty and accountability.

Our objective is to create value addition for our clients by providing a wide range of quality professional services in the field of Corporate and allied Laws. We work as one unit, teaming up with our clients to deliver innovative business solutions that helps to achieve their goals.

Serving clients with a distributed infrastructure

We are headquartered in Mumbai and have a branch office in Hyderabad. We have associate offices at Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Kolhapur, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. We also have overseas associates located in UK (London), UAE (Dubai) and Singapore.

Serving large companies as well as start-ups

We are versatile and serving the legal requirements of several large Indian companies/ MNCs as well as Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups.

We are agnostic about the size of the client’s business and serve large and small clients with equal dedication and attention. We neither advise clients to satisfy our need or greed, but to ensure the success of the client’s endeavours.

The Preferred Alliance for Corporate Law & Compliance

Corporate law including Securities Laws in India are one of the most complex legislations that require both expert interpretation and judicious application. These laws and compliances apply to companies throughout their life cycle – from birth to expansion to acquisitions and to closure. Attending to these requirements requires expertise, experience and knowledge. We make adhering to these complex laws simple. Our vast experience in every stage of a company’s lifecycle helps you in meeting legal expectations and forging ahead in your growth path . Our partnership approach is of great help as we stand by you, shoulder to shoulder as you focus on growth of your business.

Delivering excellence in services every time

Our dedication towards work means that we strive for excellence as well as appreciate the commercial environment in which our clients operate. We combine a personal approach with high professional standards and aim to provide comprehensive service in the field of corporate and other allied laws. Our understanding of business and economics enables us to provide proactive services like a business consultant. Issues we deal with include restructuring the business, advisory for any new opportunity that the client comes across and advising and handling all legal compliances of clients. We undertake Legal Due Diligence for matters related to Mergers, Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures etc

Delivering value added services

We have vast experience of 18 years and expertise in dealing with matters related to compliances with Companies Act, Securities Law, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Listing Agreement and drafting of various Commercial Agreements including Joint Venture / Collaborations Agreements & Share Purchase / Shareholders Agreement etc.

We also advice and handle registration of trade name of clients to secure their Trade name and logo to protect their Intellectual Property Rights.

Providing proactive solutions

We anticipate customer needs and provide customized and satisfactory solutions of which we are proud. We focus relentlessly on customer satisfaction and high standards of quality which distinguishes us from others as it is based on our extensive domain expertise and in depth understanding and knowledge of the subject.

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