Global Business Set up

We are confident that in the 21st century India story will immerge globally and its Indian youth who will write next chapter of India Glory globally.

We all as a human like to be in our comfort zone and play local than going global in new market.  However, with advancement of technology and internet, the world has come closer and the boundary between domestic market and foreign markets is getting blurred. In India, Multi-National Companies are operating since few decades and many Indian Entrepreneurs have learnt functionalities, culture and operations from such MNCs.

Local Businesses also understood that they have to be internationally competitive to protect their domestic market. India with its tech savvy youth are providing innovative solutions to global market and hence now it has not remain choice to remain Local or go Global. It has become inevitable to go Global for various reasons like potential for further Innovation, International customers and Investors, competition locally or saturation locally and effective cost etc. Further aspiration to go global to soar the new heights of success is also one of the factor for setting up business abroad by Indian Entrepreneurs.

We guide and hand hold Indian Entrepreneurs to select the jurisdiction by offering detailed study, assist to set up business entity abroad, help them in complying with various statutory and administrative compliances and processes at home and overseas.

Our Expert Services includes:

  1. Compliances in India under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
  2. Guide in selecting right form of entity, Company/ LLC/ Virtual Office/ Branch
  3. Preparing all documents for set up like Charter Documents and other papers
  4. Assist in Registering the entity overseas with regulators
  5. Setting up business / office
  6. Advising and ensuring compliances for remittance of capital from India
  7. Assist in opening of bank account abroad
  8. Assist in obtaining trade license abroad
  9. Overview annual compliances in India and abroad
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