Protection of Intellectual Proprietary Rights

“Intellectual proprietary rights (IPR) are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds.” Intellectual Property Rights are legal rights which are Intangible and which are the result of intellectual activity in industrial, scientific, literary & artistic fields. These rights safeguard its creators and other producers of intellectual goods & services by granting them certain time-limited rights to control their use. IPR is non-exhausted, it is intangible when they are created but becomes valuable in tangible form as products.

IPR covers following:

  1. Patents
  2. Trademarks covers Trade Name and Trade Logo .
  3. Copyrights and related rights which covers literary, dramatic works, artistic works, music, cinematography, etc.
  4. Geographical Indications.
  5. Industrial Designs.
  6. Trade Secrets.
  7. Layout Design for Integrated Circuits.
  8. Protection of New Plant Variety.

IPR laws give statutory expression to the moral and economic rights of creators. This will help to encourage creative activity and allow investors in research and development, a fair return on their investment.

IPR may also be infringed if someone copy, steal or sell a trade secret, copyrighted work,  patented item and make business out of use of your assets. It requires legal action to be initiated to protect the interest of your asset and its unethical commercial exploitation.

Our Expert Services include:

  1. IP awareness to management and employee
  2. Registration Applications for Trademark & Copyright
  3. IPR Valuation
  4. Documentation  with respects to IPR- ownership, registration and assignment
  5. IPR management & policy
  6. Risk Management for IPR
  7. Advisor for the transfer of Technology
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