Services to NGO, Trust and Societies

NGO are Non-Government Organizations which are entity “Not for Profit”. The purpose of formation of NGO is for the benefit of general public.  NGOs try to help in achieving balance of Economic, Environmental and Social imperatives. It can be in the form of Registered Trust or Registered Society or Section 8 company. Trust and Society are governed as per State Laws and Section 8 company is governed as per Central Law namely the Companies Act, 2013. These entities need to be managed with transparency and governance and hence it requires services of trained professionals who bring experience and expertise in achieving their Goals for the Society at large.

As such there are very few compliances required by these entities as per statute however their internal governance, regulation, code of conduct and SoP (Standard operating Process) shape the image and reputation of NGO. The Board or Trustees of such entity also require advice of company secretary to safeguard the compliances and build image of their organization.

Our Expert Services includes

  1. Setting up Charitable Trust or Society as per State Laws
  2. Setting up Section 8 Company under the Companies Act, 2013
  3. Preparing Trust Deeds and all other documents for set up of Trust
  4. Assist in applying and obtaining Income Tax Registration under 12A and for 80G exemption
  5. Assist in applying and obtaining FCRA Registration Certificate from Home Ministry of India
  6. Setting up governance process and Code of Conduct for a Trust/ society/ section 8 company
  7. Filing of change reports and annual account with regulatory authorities for Trust and Society
  8. Filing of various returns for Section 8 company under the Companies Act, 2013
  9. Appearance before Charity Commissioner or local state regulator for NGOs and Trust
  10. Appearance before the Registrar of Companies and Regional Director, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, if required for Section 8 company
  11. Advising on Corporate Social Responsibilities
  12. Train CSR Team of NGO for legal issues involved in CSR Project/ activities
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