Corporate Litigation

The importance of the role of the Company Secretary has increased remarkably over the past few years. Role of Company Secretary is not just limited to Executory or Administrative but they are the Advisor to the Board for any corporate actions of the Company. As a Company Advisor they are having problem solving skills, analytic mind set and approach.

An experienced practicing Company Secretary who has worked in different sectors with different kind of cliental are better equipped with management and legal expertise with good communication and interpersonal skills. It is common in private companies to see Company Secretary Professionals serving as Company Secretary and Legal Counsel also and give justice to both the roles with their capacities and expertise.

For any Corporate Litigation, the role of Company Secretary is the most vital as they have a thorough understanding of a company’s business, knowledge of corporate law, securities law, foreign exchange laws, sector specific legislations, ability to mediate, assist in achieving consensus with detailed oriented approach. They understand the vision of the management and ability to provide red flag to management for any signal of danger. Being young discipline in the legal eco-system they are more creative, techno savvy, flexible and bring solution with cost benefit analysis.

Corporate disputes are mostly due to change in economy, laws, management, perception and interpretation of law, contract  or agreements, family disputes, issues in governance practice and at times could be resolved with mediation and problem solving approach of Company Secretary. However in case of Litigation , we provide our expert services under various laws like Companies Act, Securities Law, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Competition Act and other State Laws. We appear and represent our clients before Regulatory Authorities and Tribunals like National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Real Estate Regulatory Authorities (RERA), Competition Commission of India (CCI), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Regional Director and Registrar of Companies under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and Charity Commissioner for NGOs and Not for profit organizations.

Our Expert Services include matters related to :

  1. Disputes between shareholders
  2. Disputes in commercial transactions and contract
  3. Arbitration and Mediation
  4. Fraud related matters
  5. Family disputes
  6. Disputes and Appeal for Regulatory compliance
  7. Drafting of all kinds of petition, application and Appearance before Tribunal and Regulatory Authorities
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