Documentation and Drafting

In any business agreement while broad concurrence on the main substantive issues is relatively easy to come by, it is very important that agreements be drafted with an eye to the future of the relationships and its challenges. Drafting is a value added service that is offered by Amita Desai & Co. We combine our legal expertise, business sensibility and long experience in drafting water tight agreements so that they stand the test of time.  We protect the interests of our clients and ensure and establish the rights of clients in a manner that is fair, beneficial and legal.

 Our Expert services includes drafting and preparing of:

  1. Regulatory documents like Memorandum and Articles of Association, Information Memorandum, Letter of Offer for Right Issue, Prospectus etc
  2. Agreement for Partnership Firm or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  3. Transaction Documents related to Investment like  Confidentiality Agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Term Sheet, Joint Venture Agreement and Collaboration Agreement,  Shareholders Agreement / Share Purchase Agreements, Takeover Agreement, Technology Transfer Agreement and Debenture Agreement and Debenture Trusteeship Agreement
  4. Agreements for commercial transactions like contracts relating to Supply of Services / Service Level Agreements,  Software Development Agreements , Vendors Agreement,  Pre-Incorporation Agreement
  5. Policies, Code of Conduct and Internal Regulations like Code of Conduct for employees,  HR Policies / HR Manuals,  ESOP Plans/ Schemes, Risk Management Policy, Free Work Place Policy etc.
  6. Agreements relating to property like Agreement for Sale, Deed of Conveyance, Lease / Rent Agreement / Leave and License Agreements
  7. Documents related to Intellectual Property Rights like Deed of Assignment
  8. Miscellaneous documents like Power of Attorney, Affidavits/ Indemnity Bonds
  9. Trust Deed, Change Report to file with Charity Commissioner office
  10. Documents for e-commerce company
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