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Legal Words:
  1. Scuffle: a short, confused fight or struggle at close quarters.
  2. Sardonic: grimly mocking or cynical.
  3. Enigma: Mysterious or difficult to understand.
  4. RE: in the matter of.
  5. Advent: arrival of a notable person or thing.
  6. Evacuee: A person evacuated from a place of danger.
  7. Construed: interpret in a particular way.
  8. Pari material: on the same material.
  9. Accentuating: More noticeable.
  10. Erudite: learned.
 Legal Maxim:
  1. Ubi jus ibi remedium:There is no wrong without a remedy or where there is a legal right there is a remedy.
  2. Subla Fundamento cadit opus: A foundation being removed, the superstructure falls.
  3. Non obstante verdict: Notwithstanding the verdict.
  4. nulla poena sine lege: Every criminal law has to fulfil all the qualifications.
  5. Pendente lite: During litigation.
  6. Prima facie: On the face of it.
  7. Animus nocendi: Intention to harm.
  8. Actus curiae neminem gravabit: Court actions could be heavy.
  9. Aequitas factum habet quod fieri oportuit: Equity looks upon that as done which ought to have been done.
  10. Amicus curie: A friend of the court.
1. Is it permissible for a company to pass a circular resolution for the approval of financial statements and the Board’s Report?
  1. Yes
  2. No
2. Can a company registered under section 8 of the Companies Act,2013, modify its memorandum or articles without requiring Central Government approval?
  1. Yes
  2. No
3. Is it a mandatory requirement to maintain a register of directors and key managerial personnel, along with their shareholdings, at the registered office of a company?
  1. Yes
  2. No
4. Whether the Company can appoint Joint Statutory Auditors?
  1. Yes
  2. No
5. In the event of inadequacy or absence of profits in any year, can a company declare dividend?
  1. Yes
  2. No
(1-b, 2-b, 3-a, 4-a, 5-a)
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