20th September marks the 28th Foundation Day of our Firm

20th September marks the 28th Foundation Day of our Firm

On this important Foundation Day, my heart is filled with gratitude for our exceptional TEAM and valued clients. From our senior members to our newest trainees, as well as our accounts and support teams, your support has been crucial in reaching this point. I sincerely thank you all for your unwavering commitment and support, which have been the foundation of our firm’s success. Together, we’ve achieved significant milestones, and today, we stand united and stronger than ever.

Here’s to the countless tomorrows we’ll conquer together, fostering enduring partnerships and prosperity. Raise your glasses, for this day marks not just our past but the limitless potential of our shared future. Cheers to our #FoundationDayCelebration! 

Personally when I sat in my cabin, looking at the city’s skyline as the sun dipped below the horizon. Memories rushed into my mind, from my humble beginnings in a small office to establishing a consultancy firm and navigating through various challenges. My career has been like the city’s skyline – always changing, full of challenges, yet enduring and dynamic.

The Firm has guided startups in their early stages, supported struggling businesses in finding their way, and provided advice to large corporations in intricate mergers, fundraising, and Due Diligence in and out of India. Over the years, our knowledge grew, and our dedication to serving Indian Corporate Inc. became stronger.

Today, we raised a glass to the countless hours of hard work, the sleepless nights, and the ever-changing world of corporate law. Here’s to 28 years of learning, evolving, and making a difference in the corporate world.

I’m deeply grateful to our trusting clients and dedicated colleagues. Thank you for being our pillars of support in achieving these milestones. I thank my family and friends for always being there to cheer me.

Having come this far, I’ve come to realize the importance of having a  MISSION rather than just an AMBITION. A MISSION, I believe, will keep me youthful, energetic, and continually grateful. My mission is to instil values and culture in young, aspiring Company Secretaries, who represent the future of the esteemed Institute of Company Secretaries of India. I aim to guide these future professionals in leading entrepreneurs to conduct business with responsibility, ethical behavior, and a strong commitment to benefiting society. This mission embodies my dedication to nurturing the next generation of ethical business leaders, fostering responsible business practices, and making a meaningful impact on our society.

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