Share and Learn April 2024

Legal Words:

  1. Arrearages: Money for alimony and/or child support, which is overdue and unpaid.
  2. Docket: A list of cases scheduled to be heard in court on a specific day or week.
  3. Eminent Domain: The legal process by which private property is taken for public use without the consent of the owner.
  4. Felony: Any criminal offense for which a person may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of more than of one year.
  5. Hearsay: Testimony given by a witness who tells second or third-hand information.
  6. Infraction: A case where the fine may be paid by mail and usually the person does not have to appear or come to court. For example, a speeding ticket.
  7. Juris Number: An identification number assigned to each attorney in Connecticut.
  8. Movant: The person who filed the motion, or request, to the court.
  9. Pretrial Hearing: Conference with attorneys to determine the scope of possible trial with a view toward resolving issues through agreement.
  10. Voir Dire: “To speak the truth.” The process of questioning prospective jurors or witnesses about their qualifications.

Legal Maxim

  1. Pacta sunt servanda: Treaties are legally binding
  2. Abundans cautela non nocet: Abundant caution does no harm
  3. Donatio Mortis Causa: A gift in anticipation of death.
  4. Ex turpi causa non oritur actio: No action arises on an immoral contract.
  5. Ipse Dixit: He himself said it.
  6. Res Ipsa Loquitur: Thing speaks for itself
  7. Factum Valet: An act that should not be done is valid when it is done
  8. Impotentia Excusat Legem: Inability excuses the law.
  9. Stricto Sensu: In the narrow sense
  10. Judex nonpetest esse testis in propira cause: A judge cannot be a witness in his own cause.
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