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Legal Words:

  1. Bench trial: A trial without a jury, in which the judge serves as the fact-finder.
  2. Capital offense: A crime punishable by death.
  3. Counterclaim: A claim made by the defendant against the plaintiff in answer to the claim raised by the plaintiff.
  4. Garnishee: Garnishee is a debtor of judgment debtor whose debt is attached by the court.
  5. Indigent person: An individual who does not possess the financial means to afford the court. fees to be paid with the plaint in a particular suit.
  6. Pre-emption: It is the preferential right to purchase or enjoy property before another.
  7. Rejoinder:  A pleading in which the plaintiff explains or rebuts the additional facts brought. up by the defendant in their written statement.
  8. Transcript: It is a record of official proceedings of a hearing.
  9. Exculpatory evidence – Evidence which tends to show the defendant’s innocence.
  10. Verdict – The decision of a petit jury or a judge.

Legal Maxim

  1. Ante Litem Motam: Before suit brought; before controversy instituted, or spoken before a lawsuit is brought.
  2. Assentio mentium: The meeting of minds, i.e., mutual assents.
  3. Communis hostis omnium: They are common enemies of all. The common enemy of everyone.
  4. Furiosis furore suo puiner: A madman is best punished by his own madness.
  5. Innuendo: Spoken words that are defamatory because they have a double meaning.
  6. Misnomer: A wrong or inaccurate name or term.
  7. Nolle prosequi: A formal notice of abandonment by a plaintiff or prosecutor of all or part of a suit.
  8. Particeps criminis: A participator in the actual crime/partner in crime.
  9. Qui sentit commodum, sentire debet et onus:It means he who receives advantage must also bear the burden.
  10. Uberrima fides: Utmost good faith.
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