Share and Learn Dec 2023

Legal Words:

  1. Appellee: The party against whom an appeal is taken.
  2. Averred: allege as a fact in support of a plea
  3. Bondsman: A surety; one who has put up cash or property as collateral before a defendant may be released.
  4. Dismissal Without Prejudice: A judges decision to end the case which permits the complainant or prosecutor to renew the case later. In contrast, dismissal “with prejudice” prevents the complainant or prosecutor to bring or maintain the same claim or action again.
  5. Execution Suspended: A prison sentence that is suspended in whole or in part provided certain conditions of probation or conditional discharge are met by the defendant.
  6. Hung Jury:A jury whose members cannot reconcile their differences of opinion and thus cannot reach a verdict.
  7. Infraction:A case where the fine may be paid by mail and usually the person does not have to appear or come to court.
  8. Enigma – Mysterious or difficult to understand.
  9. Non-Suit: Vacating a case by the court, usually for failure to prosecute.
  10. Trial De Novo: A new trial or retrial in which the whole case with evidence and witnesses is presented as if no previous trial had been held.

Legal Maxim

  1. Assentio mentium: The meeting of minds, i.e., mutual assents.
  2. Caveat venditor: Let the seller beware.
  3. Detinue: Tort of wrongfully holding goods that belong to someone else.
  4. Fatum: Beyond human foresight.
  5. Functus officio: No longer having power or jurisdiction.
  6. Interest Reipublicae Ut Sit Finis Litium: It means it is in the interest of the state that there should be an end to litigation.
  7. Modus Vivendi: Way of living.
  8. Nunc pro tunc: Now for then.
  9. Per curiam: By a court.
  10. Ubi jus ibi remedium: Where there is a right, there is a remedy.


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