Share and Learn June 2024

Legal Words:

  1. Alternate Juror: A juror selected as a substitute in case another juror must leave the jury panel.
  2. Bail Bondsperson: A person who lends money to a defendant to pay for bail.
  3. Case Flow Coordinator: A person who keeps track of your case and supervises the scheduling of hearings and trials.
  4. Drug Court: A Special Session of the Superior Court that is responsible for hearing cases involving charges of drug offenses.
  5. Eminent Domain: The legal process by which private property is taken for public use without the consent of the owner.

Legal Maxim:

  1. Actori incumbit probation:-The burden of proof is on the plaintiff.
  2. Audi alteram partem:- No person should be judged without a fair hearing in which each party is given the opportunity to respond to the evidence against them
  3. Volenti non fit injuria:- If a person voluntarily consents to an injury, he must bear the loss. One cannot claim damages for the injury he consented to.
  4. Pacta sund servanda:- The parties to an agreement must do their best to fulfill their obligations under it.
  5. Pendente lite:- During the suit; while litigation continues.
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